How to Get Your Plumbing Ready for Spring


The blossoms are popping on the trees, so spring must be coming to Utah County! We love the snow and snow sports, but the vernal equinox is always a welcomed spot on Utah’s calendar.




What Does Spring Mean for Plumbing in Utah County?

Check the toilets by putting a few drops of food coloring in the tank and letting it sit. If the color drips into the bowl, you have a valve that needs adjustment or replacement.

Check for leaks in faucets and pipe joints. Some drips are just condensation, others foreshadow really bad news — news that tends to hit the headlines around 3:00 AM.

Check for smells — when drains are working right, you won’t smell anything. If you do, hit them with a good drain cleaner followed by a gallon of clean water. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you have something else going on. Let us handle it.

Don’t forget to cast a discerning eye on the water heater tank/drip pan, the dishwasher and the garbage disposal. They don’t wear out often or quickly, but when they do, it can get ugly. If you’ve had any of them over 15 years, it’s definitely time to consider a more modern unit.

Many plumbing-related problems don’t need a plumber if you’re handy with tools and have the time to give your system all the attention it needs, but don’t take chances. When in doubt, call the professionals. We have the tools and experience to go all in — far beyond anything you’ll read about in a DIY manual. By the way, there are some plumbing problems, like sewer liner issues, that you really can’t handle on your own.

And, while we’re thinking about it: We guarantee our work, will your DIY manual do the same?


Your Home Protects You, Return the Favor

Remember that warm days don’t always mean warm nights and a sudden freeze is always lurking, even if the weatherman’s map says, “No chance”. Preventing frozen pipes is far less expensive than repairing them, and a whole lot simpler.

For professional plumbing services, contact JKB Plumbers. Whether you’re plumbing Lehi, Saratoga Springs, Eagle Mountain or anywhere else in Utah County, we’ll do it faster and safer.