Water Heater Repair Services

We Offer Expert Water Heater Repair Services in Utah County

From taking a shower to cleaning dishes, doing laundry to simply washing your hands, we rely on hot water in our daily lives. If your water is not getting hot enough, takes too long to get warm, or has a foul smell, your hot water heater may be in need of repair or replacement. At JBK Plumbers, our experienced plumbing team has you covered for all of your water heater repair or replacement needs.


Hot Water Heater Repair

When it comes to hot water heaters, there are a variety of telltale signs that it requires maintenance or repair. Most of our clients call because they don’t have enough hot water or they smell a rotten egg odor coming from the faucet. These are definitely the typical signals that the hot water heater is acting up, but there are others like leaking, rusty water, and weird noises. 

No matter the reason, our hot water heater repair experts at JBK Plumbers can handle it. The issue could be as simple as routine maintenance or sediment flushing. Or a part like the anode rod or heating element may need to be replaced. We have the experience, skills, and knowledge to quickly diagnose your water heater’s issue and provide you with fast, effective service.


Hot Water Heater Replacement and Installation

Sometimes a water heater’s issue is more severe than a bad smell or a lack of hot water. If your water heater is more than 10 years old, is leaking around the base, or works erratically, it may be time for a replacement. JBK Plumbers will evaluate your hot water heater’s situation and help you decide if it is time to replace it and which unit to choose for installation

When we come to install your new water heater (gas, solar, or tankless), we will make sure everything is in order to ensure you have hot water back in no time. We will pipe new gas lines if necessary and even dispose of your old water heater.


Tankless Hot Water Heater Repair and Installation

If you are looking for a more energy-efficient water heating system, JBK Plumbers can suggest an excellent tankless hot water heater and install the unit for you. There are many advantages to tankless systems such as reduced energy costs and long-lasting units (20 years vs 10-15 for tank water heaters). Our Utah County plumbers can help you decide if a tankless heater is right for your home and install your new unit.


Contact Our Expert Water Heater Repair Team in Saratoga Springs, Utah

At JBK Plumbers, we pride ourselves on delivering fast, efficient service to the residents of Utah County, including Lehi, Saratoga Springs, and Eagle Mountain. Contact our hot water heater repair experts to discuss all of our services or to make an appointment for water heater service today. We can be there right away to ensure you have the hot water you need. Call today for a free quote to fix your problem!