Sewer and Main Water Line Repair & Replace Options

Water Line Repair Utah County

1. The Changing of Seasons

As the weather gets colder, the earth around your home becomes more dense, causing increased pressure on your pipes. Weak, old, or corroded pipes can cause small leaks or even bursting which can lead to serious and costly damage requiring sewer line repair.

2. Trees are Attracted to Sewer Lines

Your sewer lines basically carry fertilizer that attracts tree roots. Once a small break in the line is created, tree roots will try to penetrate and break even deeper into the line.

3. Corrosion, Sludge Causing Line Blockages

Corrosion is very common with older iron and galvanized pipes (pre-1970). This corrosion causes scaling and thinning of the pipe walls. Errant tree roots and seasonal changes can also be problematic creating pipe breaks, leaks, and bursts.


Sewer & Main Water Line Repair Options

Sewers back-up in homes over 750,000 times a year in North America, costing homeowners millions of dollars in damage to homes and landscaping. In addition to the expense and inconvenience of sewer backup, health risks in the home such as contamination from mold and harmful bacteria can result.

When you have a pipe blockage and you’ve plunged as much as you can plunge, used several bottles of liquid drain cleaning agents without success, or the clog that started in the toilet is now backing up into the bathtub, it’s time to call us to help identify, isolate, and repair the source of the damage.

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