Water Heater Installation Price in Utah County


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If you own a home, you have a hot water heater. You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your hot water heater, until one day you turn on the shower and the hot water doesn’t work. That’s when JBK Plumbing can help.Whether your hot water heater is traditional, tankless, or even solar, our professional plumbers and plumbing technicians are reliable, experienced and on call 24 hours a day to respond to your plumbing emergency. We can repair your current hot water heater or install a new one in Salt Lake or anywhere along the Wasatch Front. Don’t worry; we will get your water hot and steamy in no time at all.

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At JBK  Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, my team and I repair and replace water heaters all the time. The Utah hard water is particularly hard on water appliances. Some of the parts we replace are; heating elements and thermostats, burners, anode rods, we also install a full range of gas water heaters and tankless hot water heaters including piping new gas lines to the heaters where needed. After we install the water heater we dispose of the old one. Call our office for more details.We also have available to us a full line of replacement products if you want to upgrade or update.

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Arrival Within 2 Hours
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JBK 5 Promise

  • Honest, Up-Front Pricing Over the Phone or Email
  • Our Plumbers Are Not On Commission
  • Immediate Response: 90% Arrival within 2 hrs
  • Experienced, Professional Plumbing Craftsmen
  • Utahs Best Plumbing Guarantee: 120 Days & 2 yrs
  • Don’t take the run around by other plumbers who won’t talk price over the phone because they want to get in your home and try to play sales games.
    We don’t pay commissions so we have no problem telling you prices over the phone.
    Call for an over the phone estimate. 801-613-7379
  • If you would like to get a more accurate price, one thing you can do is to Email me or text me pictures or video of your plumbing problem.
    I can usually get a very accurate diagnosis and price for you, depending on the issue.
    For free help & advice Email me your Water Heater & plumbing pictures josh@jbkplumbers.com
  • If you would like help on your plumbing repair, I have no problem guiding you through what you need to do.
    I do this because I want to help and I hope that in the future you will trust me as Your Plumbing Guy.

What Client’s Say

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We have used JBK Plumbers several times and have always been impressed with the professionalism and fair prices! They installed a water softener in our home and when we thought it was leaking, they came back to double check everything. We really felt like they went the extra mile and took care of us as a valued customer! We won’t ever use anyone else!

Dennis Fullmer, Avada

Let me say something. You have an amazing theme and amazing/awesome support. They helped me on weekend. This is what I call an “extra mile” in customer relationship. So I gave 5 stars for the theme and if I could, I’d give 10 stars for support.

Gojcus, Avada

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