Drain Cleaning In Utah

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In most Utah County cities, homeowners are responsible for the drain and sewer line maintenance from their house to the street. Even though Utah County did it right — using cast iron or terra cotta for the pipes — problems happen. Young children flush their toys, roots invade the pipes, older homes have old pipes.

For hair, soap scum and other little problems, a bottle of drain cleaner is probably enough but, for major problems, you need sewer line cleaning from professionals like JBK Plumbers.

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Signs of a Serious Clog

Beyond the obvious — water-not-flowing or slow-flowing — keep an eye out for these severe clog symptoms:

Sewer gas odors; mold on walls or ceilings; extra lush patches of grass (from increased “fertilizer”); an indentation in your lawn or pavers (indicative of soil erosion); wall cracks or settlement of your foundation, septic waste pooling in yard or an increase in the local rodent or insect population.

A clogged sewer line can quickly become a devastating problem. The disgust factor from a sewer backup has no price, but homeowners spend millions of dollars annually repairing overflow damage and your doctor may put a high price on health risks from contaminating molds and bacteria entering your home.

For those who’ve just moved in or are contemplating a remodel, a drain and sewer line inspection is a good idea. We can run a snake or a camera through any piping in your home and show you where problems may be growing. A small investment now can save you big bucks down the road by dealing with a minor problem before it becomes a major disaster.


Unclog Drains, Showers, Bathtubs, Sinks, & Toilets

Severe clog elimination usually isn’t a homeowner DIY project, few people have the tools and training. If a bottle of drain cleaner didn’t do the job, or you have to repeat that treatment often, call in the experts. JBK Plumbing has the equipment and the skilled technicians to get things flowing for you quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s drain cleaning in Lehi, a drain snake in Saratoga Springs, or a sewer line replacement in Eagle Mountain, from your bathroom sink-tub-shower, kitchen or workshop sink all the way to the street, JBK will unclog it and leave you with our 1-year warranty! Call our neighborhood offices or contact us here and we’ll get it done.