How to Maintain Your Well Water System

Well Water System Utah County

Living out in Utah County means you might have a well water system. A well water system is different than other water systems. Well water systems use water directly from an aquifer instead of going through a city or county’s treatment facility and then to your home. The difference between the two means that well water systems have unique maintenance needs. Here are some tips on how to maintain a well water system.

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How to Use and Maintain a Water Softener

Well water isn’t treated, which means you can have a lot of minerals in your water. This can make it hard for soap to dissolve. A water softener will take the minerals out of the water so that you don’t have to worry. If your water softener is old invest in a new water softener to make sure you don’t run into problems. New water softener technology can give you clean water without any added sodium. New water softener technology also makes the systems more efficient and environmentally friendly. This will save you money in the long.


Keep the area around your well clean

It’s important to make sure that things like motor oil, pesticides, chemicals, fertilizer, and other debris are far away from your well. These hazardous materials can contaminate your well and make you and your family sick.


Seal off any unused wells

Unsealed abandon wells could become dangerous. They can work as a conduit for surface water that may contaminate your ground water. Make sure a licensed well contractor properly seals up any unused wells.


Inspector well regularly

It’s good to check on your well every few months. Cracks and corrosion can happen at any time and negatively impact your water. Always contact a properly licensed contractor to inspect your well if you notice anything. Get your well inspected every three years to be safe.


Test your water every year

Testing your well every year will ensure that you don’t drink contaminated water. The water test will let you know how much arsenic, nitrate, lead, heavy metals, and other contaminants are in your water. This could alert you to problems with your well, or the need for a new water filter system.


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