How Long do Water Heaters Last?

How Long do Water Heaters Last?

There are two ways to answer this question, depending on which type of water heater you have. Gas heaters generally last from eight to twelve years, while electric models will range from ten to fifteen years. However, both of those timelines are subjective. It starts with the right conditions, and depends on your upkeep.

Maintenance Prevents Most Repairs

Maintaining your water heater is crucial to making it a worthwhile investment. The system itself can only do so much without proper upkeep. Purchasing the best water heater on the market will quickly be a wasted endeavor if not installed in ideal conditions, and regularly maintenanced by a licensed professional. On average, yearly maintenance lowers the need to repair your system. A repair can cost thousands (depending on the damages, the specific incident, etc.), which can be avoided with regular maintenance.

There Are Some Factors You Can’t Control

While your unit is designed to hold hot water, hot and humid conditions on the exterior of the tank can damage electrical components and begin to wither away the durability of your water heater. In Utah, we’re faced with dryer weather than the average person. This can actually be beneficial to your unit.

Another factor you can’t really control is water quality. In most cases, your municipality has one single choice for a water provider, and the quality of that water can impede upon your water heater’s durability. If you’ve been considering a full replacement on an electric unit, be sure to check there’s not a blown fuse.

DIY Maintenance Methods

The number one way to prevent long-term damages and to maintain your system on your own, is by flushing your tank. Often times, sediment deposits (a result of poor water quality and damage over time) present themselves in the bottom of your tank and cause immense issues.

Water Heater Maintenance & Repair in Saratoga Springs, UT

Proper yearly maintenance can drastically cut down on your water heater cost over time. It all starts with the water maintenance and repair company Saratoga Springs trusts. Call or message JBK Plumbers today to begin your maintenance schedule, or plan a replacement for your unit.