4 Common Plumbing Problems

4 Common Plumbing Problems & How To Fix Them

Pipes usually leak at the joint which means the joint filler or fitting compound has failed. This problem is often caused by the pipe or fittings being the wrong size or length.


Solution: Inspect the Pipe, Re-Seal the Joint
Re-sealing the joint may just be a temporary fix. The pipe and fitting may still need to be replaced. If you take a picture or video of the leak, send it to me at josh@jbkplumbers.com so I can better assess your situation.

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Running toilets most often run when one or more of three parts in the tank begin to fail: the rubber flapper, the float, or the fill tube.


Solution: Toilet Repair Kit
I recommend purchasing a toilet repair kit; they are basic, easy to install and work for most models.