By Josh Tippetts

Owner/Operator of JBK Plumbing Services in Utah County

JBK Plumbers is a small, high-quality business that provides residential and commercial plumbing services
company to those based in West Jordan, Utah serving Salt Lake, Utah, and Davis Counties.

While it’s certainly true that there are many simple plumbing maintenance and repairs that people with good information can do on their own, there are times when a professional is definitely the best option. These include:

Disaster Reparation: When unnoticed leaks or burst pipes go unchecked, serious and expensive damage can result. In addition to solving the problem in the short-term, professional plumbing services can solve the problems permanently by preventing any future issues. A professional plumber can also check the other systems in your home for other potential problems for which you’re at risk.

Remodeling: Whenever permits are required, it’s best to hire a professional. Whether you’re redoing your bathroom, kitchen, or basement, making major changes to anything more than décor could require the approval of your local municipality. It’s not worth the risk of a violation or worse yet, unforeseen challenges from any error caused by neglect, inexperience, or ignorance.

Severe Clogs: Simple clogs can usually be easily resolved by the everyday homeowner. A plunger is often all that’s required for a single clogged sink or toilet. However, if you have multiple plumbing sites clogged, you’re hearing weird noises like gurgling or bubbling, or you’re seeing anything really unusual, it’s definitely time to call in the professionals.

Main Water Line Issues: When plumbing system components like toilets are backing up into other systems like showers, bathtubs, and sinks, the problem is often associated with the main water line. When these issues appear, special equipment, knowledge, and expertise are required to solve them. The average homeowner doesn’t typically have the level required to properly address such issues and to prevent further problems. Sometimes special equipment can be rented but it’s unwise to pursue self-solution unless one has experience working with that equipment.

Proper piping, connections, and drainage are essential to the smooth operation of all fixtures within any structure. Whether big or small, leaks can cause extensive, costly damage over time. Not only do such problems cause long-term damage to equipment and the surrounding materials, they can lead to a substantial amount of wasted water. To prevent such problems and hassles, these systems should undergo regular functionality checks and efficiency evaluations.

As a professional plumber myself, I’ve seen many simple tasks go very awry when addressed improperly. When I’m called in for a service, I always leave helpful information with my customers. I started my business because I wanted to share what I knew with people. I truly enjoy helping people save money and time by teaching them some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years.

While some plumbing challenges can be effectively resolved by the inexperienced homeowner, expert knowledge and professional experience guarantee the prevention and/or resolution of common problems that can cause a great deal of expense, frustration, and grief when not addressed properly and in a timely fashion.
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