Repiping in Utah County Plumbers

Replace Old Galvanized Pipes & Repipe with Copper or Pex Pipes


Copper Pipe for Repiping Utah Homes

Repiping with copper pipes in Utah County

Copper Repiping a Home in Utah County

Copper pipe is a well-known plumbing procedure of Repiping in Utah County for homes and buildings for both new construction, plumbing restoration, remodeling or renovation. Prior to copper being a standard plumbing product, most Utah County homes and buildings used to have iron water pipes with zinc layer to stop rust. However, zinc coating is not a great remedy against rust and after prolonged use the water lines typically start to rust and scaling occurs. This creates a thinner pipe and leads to leaks and other plumbing problems in older Utah County homes and buildings. Due to this, many Utah homeowners are choosing copper re-piping in order to eliminate concerns of water leaks and bursting of old pipes.

Rusted Pipes

Copper re-pipe is chosen rather than the traditional piping because copper does not rust. Though copper material is priced higher than iron pipe, it is less expensive in the long-run than galvanized.

Repiping a Utah County Home In Pex Pipe


Shows how PEX repiping looks behind the walls. PEX is great for Utah Plumbing because it is resistant to freeze breakage among other benefits.

A new technology is utilizing PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) piping for a number of residential and commercial plumbing applications. This type of plastic water pipe is nearly identical to the black poly pipes we use to install all of our new main water services. PEX is an innovative component to traditional approach of repiping in Utah County. PEX is formulated to withstand hot water temperatures, is extremely flexible, and has a black lining to protect from UV rays. We will also, if necessary, install a new pressure regulating valve, or PRV during the repiping process. Call me for details. 801-613-7379

Repipe a Home in Utah County

Our complete home repipes are as non-invasive as possible, with minimal access holes and wall and ceiling damage. Some holes, however, are necessary to complete the installation. After all, when you house was built, the water piping was installed when there were no walls yet. Our price can also include the drywall repair and repainting.

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Repiping as Low as $150 Call For a Free Bona Fide Quote

We can repipe most Utah County homes in 1-2 days

Call Me For a Bona Fide Quote 801-613-7379Call, Text or Email for a Bona Fide written quote for Repiping, RePlumbing and Pipe Replacement in Utah County from an active Utah licensed plumbing contractor. Our Utah County Repiping all come with a Lifetime Warranty. Have a Plumbing problem that needs to be addressed immediately? Contact me today at 801-613-7379

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