Salt lake & Wasatch Front Sewer Repair & Snaking Specialistsmashed_pipe

JBK Plumbing understands the the severity of a sewer failing. Our knowledgeable staff is prepared with up to date sewer repair certification to get the job done right as quickly and efficiently the first time. We have full stocked trucks and inventory all the parts needed to repair your sewer system, that means less time waiting for the right parts to arrive!


Salt Lake Sewer Line Repair Guarantee

We also guarantee our work. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will do our very best to leave you feeling happy and content. Free estimates are available after a thorough inspection so you can have peace of mind knowing the exact cost of the repair beforehand.

We promise to treat every home as if it was our own. Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority, so you can expect plumbing work to be well done.

Sewer Repair Options for Homes in Salt Lake or Along the Wasatch Front

Our sewer line repairs range from snaking the line, hydrojetting it, replacing sections, relining the pipe or doing a trenchless replacement of the line in a way that is as non-invasive as possible, with minimal access holes and yard damage.

Why Are We The Best?

No Surprises the price over the phone is what you will pay.
Unlike other plumbing companies, we do not pay our plumbers commission. So there is no pressure, only friendly advice.
Immediate Response. 2 hr Arrival
2 x’s the industry standard for experience, background checks, and on-going training requirements.
120 Guarantee and 2 Year no Hassle Warranty on all work

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Call Me For a Bona Fide Quote 801-874-7976

Call For a Free Bona Fide Quote

We can repair most sewer lines in one day.

Call Me For a Bona Fide Quote 801-874-7976We will match or beat by 10%, any bona fide written repair quote (from an active Utah licensed plumbing contractor). Our sewer line repairs offer Lifetime warranty. Call us today for more details.Have a Plumbing problem that needs to be addressed immediately or need the services of a professional Salt lake Plumbing Contractor you can count on? Contact me today at 801-874-7976

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