Repiping a Bathroom & Kitchen during Remodeling

You’ve finally decided to look into some bathroom remodeling for your Utah home. Beautifying your home is one of the best ways to encourage emotional wellness and since the bathroom is often a place of relaxation, it makes for a great place to start your home improvements.

It’s easy to fall in love with the idea of the new kitchen or bathroom you are planning for your home. It’s also easy to forget that the critical features you’re most looking forward to require the professional craftsmanship of an experienced plumber. Let our plumbers contribute to your bathroom remodeling and kitchen renovation projects to add value to your home’s busiest rooms.

Kitchen Renovations: Our specialists can help you design the kitchen of your dreams. Whether you need two electric ovens or a heavy-duty garbage disposal for big family dinners, or you simply need to update your kitchen design and fixtures with recessed lighting, our licensed plumbers and electricians can design a solution for you within your budget — big or small.

Bathroom Remodeling: Today’s residential bathrooms are becoming a family’s personal oasis, with large Jacuzzi tubs and multi-head showers. For smaller jobs such as vanity or existing faucet replacements, our licensed plumbers will assess your needs and recommend solutions based on your style and budget.

Don’t forget, bathroom luxuries can require large quantities of hot water. We can offer recommendations such as tankless water heaters, or larger units to meet your family’s needs

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom in Salt Lake, Utah area think of the experts at JBK Plumbers. We provide complete bathroom remodeling services. You will be amazed by our total commitment to your satisfaction.

The bathroom can add significant value to your home. We will add both function and beauty all while providing you with the best value available in the market today, because, let’s face it these times aren’t the best of times. Whether you choose to reface your cabinetry or choose a custom bathroom design with tub, toilet, shower stall and fixture upgrades every dollar counts! Our knowledge and experience will provide you with the expertise necessary from design concept to installation..reading-box-container-2 .element-bottomshadow:before,.reading-box-container-2 .element-bottomshadow:after{opacity:0.7;}

Call Me For a Bona Fide Quote 801-874-7976

I’ll Be There Within 90 Min

What Sort Of Residential Plumbing Repairs Can We Do?

Call Me For a Bona Fide Quote 801-874-7976•Repair leaking or burst feed pipes•Fix a leak from a waste pipes•Fix faulty toilet flushing mechanisms•Repair leaking internal stop taps•Ensure leaking tanks or cylinders are safe•Unblock sinks, showers, baths and basins•Drain Cleaning Contact me today at 801-874-7976

On-Time (with 1 hr schedule times)
Arrival Within 2 Hours
Customer Satisfaction (Yes, we poll all of our customers)

JBK 5 Promise

  • Honest, Up-Front Pricing Over the Phone or Email
  • Our Plumbers Are Not On Commission
  • Immediate Response: 90% Arrival within 2 hrs
  • Experienced, Professional Plumbing Craftsmen
  • Utahs Best Plumbing Guarantee: 120 Days & 2 yrs
  • Don’t take the run around by other plumbers who won’t talk price over the phone because they want to get in your home and try to play sales games.
    We don’t pay commissions so we have no problem telling you prices over the phone.
    Call for an over the phone estimate. 801-613-7379
  • If you would like to get a more accurate price, one thing you can do is to Email me or text me pictures or video of your plumbing problem.
    I can usually get a very accurate diagnosis and price for you, depending on the issue.
    For free help & advice Email me your Water Heater & plumbing pictures
  • If you would like help on your plumbing repair, I have no problem guiding you through what you need to do.
    I do this because I want to help and I hope that in the future you will trust me as Your Plumbing Guy.

What Client’s Say

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We have used JBK Plumbers several times and have always been impressed with the professionalism and fair prices! They installed a water softener in our home and when we thought it was leaking, they came back to double check everything. We really felt like they went the extra mile and took care of us as a valued customer! We won’t ever use anyone else!

Dennis Fullmer, Avada

JBK Plumbing was awesome. They worked quickly and around my schedule. They responded to my “emergency” with compassion and were very willing to help out when I needed them to. They were professional, courteous, clean and trustworthy. They did a great job. I highly recommend them.

Melissa Lonnecker

Best Plumbing Company in Utah! Honest, Reliable, Reasonably Priced, Exceptional Quality and Service! I have been using them for the past 8 years from fixing a leaky toilet to putting in a new kitchen! I recommend them to all of my family and friends!

Melanie Whiting

Fastest Response Ever! Nice and clean work. Very knowledgeable and very nice people.

Michael L.

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