How to Replace a Water Heater Anode Rod Utah Plumbing Tips

Hex-heads go on top of the water heater within their own interface. In some cases, you’ll manage to see the hex head. The anode is concealed under a plastic cap, or maybe under the sheetmetal, if you can’t, or your tank has a combo anode. Look for the cap halfway between the edge and center of the top.

Combo anodes share the hot-water-outlet port.

You will need to unscrew the nipple to see if there’s an anode beneath it if you are unsure if there is an anode in there. Some water heaters have two anodes. Not only is it very important to put an aluminum/zinc anode into the heater; it’s also crucial that you remove all preceding anodes or the hot water will odor.

Solid hex-head anodes need 44 inches of overhead clearance. Solid combos desire 48 viagra naturel pour homme. Flexible anodes are loose links connected with flexible wire. If they’re overly long for the tank they’re good down to 12 inches overhead clearance, and can be cut shorter.

… However, If You’ve Softened Water

We’ve had a few folks buy an aluminum/zinc anode and the odor didn’t go away. That is vexing for us and them. A few were in unsoftened water, but water that is most included softened. By increasing the conductivity of the water softening can accelerate anode consumption. That can increase the number of hydrogen sulfide gas produced.

Some of these people thought the anode had some secret ingredient that had been used up. This ISN’T the case. The next one will not do any better if one aluminum/zinc anode does not solve smell problems.

So we began offering powered anode rods. A sacrificial anode creates an electric reaction inside a water heater as it corrodes. By feeding electricity into the tank a powered anode does the same. Since there isn’t any magnesium or aluminum, there is no scent. We don’t recommend them for everybody, though, because they’re several times more expensive than sacrificial anodes. But they are permanent: they aren’t sacrificial, so they don’t need replacement.

Another important point: powered anodes are not scent-eaters. Without creating any odor they merely function to protect a water heater. So No. 1, do not believe it’ll fix anything other than rotten egg smell. And No. 2, if you purchase one without checking with us and still have scent, let us know and we’ll troubleshoot and solve your difficulty. We’ve gotten pretty good at that.

Yet another thing: There are several settings of residential water heaters. Most have a hex-head anode in its own interface on the top of the tank. A few do not. Most of Bradford White’s, and some of A.O. Smith’s and State’s residential tanks employ a combo anode/hot-water outlet/nipple in the hot interface. By adding a galvanized tee to the port that was hot a powered anode can be used with those tanks. The bottom port of the tee will link to the tank via a PEX-lined nipple; the plumbing to the building will go out the side interface, also via a PEX-lined nipple; the powered anode will screw into the top interface with the component hanging down inside the tank. It WILL be required to change pipes that comes straight down, so that it enters the side, and there is no means to avert that it contains the additional parts and directions, and is the variant for that.

The other form, is used in tanks with hex anodes. It comprises parts to rear the anode that is powered up off the surface of the heater because the cutout in the cover is narrower than the hex nut on the anode that is powered. Without them, people would have to enlarge the cutout with snips.

Why galvanized fittings and PEX -lined nipples rather than brass? Well, the powered anode hex nut is galvanized, so joining it to brass could cause electrolysis difficulties, and if any type of naked metal nipple were used and the electrode touched it, the anode would short circuit and not protect the heater.

How do you tell if an anode is combo or hex?

Best to tell us what you have got and let’s help you figure that out. And worth mentioning again: Once in awhile aluminum/zinc anodes fail to solve odor dilemmas in unsoftened water, but mainly they work. It’s a bit of a gamble. We could tell everybody to buy a powered anode, but they are pricey. This is your choice, your risk. Most people will win the wager, but it is your choice.

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