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A garbage disposal is a critical feature of the modern kitchen. When it isn’t working properly, it can be a minor inconvenience. When the sink doesn’t drain properly, it can cause major damage leaking water into your cabinets under the sink!

Few people realize that garbage disposals are designed to only handle light food residue rinsed from plates and utensils. Large quantities of food and debris can overwhelm disposals, clog the kitchen sink, and even damage the disposal. If you require a garbage disposal repair, there are a few things you can do before calling for repair.

First of all, check to see if the power has tripped. There is a reset button on the underside, located under the sink. Often a simple reset can solve the problem. Both your dishwasher and garbage disposal share a connection, so if you’re having problems related to the disposal, it is probably going to affect your dishwasher, as well.

Second, check the disposal blades. Sometimes the blades will become jammed. Often a large stick, like a broom handle, can help dislodge the blades. Perhaps something is stuck in the disposal. Once you make sure power is turned off, you can safely check the drain for an obstruction.

NEVER stick your hand into the disposal! Instead, use pliers to remove objects from your garbage disposal. Our licensed plumbers are experienced at repairing all makes and models of garbage disposals. If they find the unit needs to be replaced, our trucks are mobile warehouses. We usually have a new unit to meet your needs on hand so a return trip won’t be necessary.

Contact Me at 801-613-7379 For a Free Bona Fide Quote Over the Phone 

At JBK  Plumbing, my team and I regularly repair and replace garbage disposals. We can give you a solid price quote over the phone. Call our office for more details. We also have a full line of replacement products on hand should you choose to upgrade or update your current equipment.

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