Snowfall in November means frozen pipes for Utah County homes

Crocus flowers blooming through the melting snow from an early Utah snowfall.

Before you would even know it, the warm summer days will be over and the freezing winter days is suddenly close at hand. You know that whenever winter comes around here in Utah, you will again have to be mindful of some essential things in your household. One of which is your home’s water plumbing. It is during this season when homes in Utah County are commonly vulnerable to sudden cracks, leaks, and sudden frozen spigots and hose bibs that can cause pipes to burst.

As a Utah County homeowner, you have the responsibility to know about the ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ when it comes to keeping your water system properly functioning amidst the adversity of freezing weather. Good thing you found this page where I can help you learn the basic yet most essential things for prevention and repairing frozen spigots and hose bibs in Utah.

What makes Hose Bibs & Spigots burst and leak?

I wrote a previous article on Utah County’s frozen pipes problems and discussed how water expands as it gets close to freezing, read more about it here. Needless to say, hose bibs are designed to serve as the pathway that will allow water to freely flow from one point to another. Anything that blocks the passageway might cause a pipe to leak or explode. For the freezing weather specifically, it is the extreme coldness together with the constant ice build-up that can make a pipe explode. If one end of the pipeline is exposed to a freezing temperature for example, this end of the Spigots will be frozen. At times ice build-up is enormously thick that water could no longer flow. In this case, the part of the pipeline which is on a normal temperature will be filled with water. When the pipe cannot accommodate the pressure anymore, it might eventually explode. In some cases the freezing temperature cause hose spigots (even those that are underneath the concrete) to crack, which results to water leakage.

How to keep your Hose Bibs Spigots from freezing.

While there is no way you can stop the winter season from coming; however, there is always a way for your to address its adverse effects, particularly in your  hose bibs. So how do you keep this parts of your water facility free from getting frozen? Take note of the following tips:frozen spigot

Frozen Hose Bibs & Spigots Foam Covers- How effective are they?

Last frozen spigot issue I dealt with was with a “frost-poof sillcock” (the long faucet that has the valve on the inside) and it probably would not have frozen if it had one of these on it. frost-poof sillcock. Those are supposed to …

Tip 1. Find the cut-off valve. You should know that a certain are in your house is where the valve that could stop the water supply. You will have to be diligent at locating this portion of your water facility as this can be quite challenging to find. To make it a bit easier, following the pipeline which starts from where tap water flows out is a good idea.

Tip 2. Turn it off. The moment you have finally found it, you then need to turn it off. Be sure that you have shut it off very tightly so that water won’t be able to enter and flow towards the hose bib.

Tip 3. Disconnect/remove the hose. There is a need for you to do this is you want to rid your water facility from getting frozen. Keep in mind, however, that it might be a little bit time consuming on your part because you will have to empty every pipe with water. You need to identify each pipe and hose bib in and out of your house and then remove the water until they are drained.

Tip 4. Leave the  Spigot open. Water might suddenly flow through the spigot especially if you haven’t tightly closed the cut-off valve. In case this happens, an open yap will allow the water to flow out of the faucet instead of freezing somewhere in the pipeline.

With these easy-to-follow tips, you are heading to freeze free spigot or hose bibs.

How to repair frozen spigot and hose bibs         

When water spigot and hose bibs break due to extreme freeze, you would of course want to have them repaired. The question here is ‘how’? In the event that you want to try it on your own, you may do so – only that you have to know how to do it right. Now if you are ready to do it, take note of these D-I-Y frozen faucet and hose bibs repair suggestions.

Seal cracks

Since spigot have already been cracked, sealing would be one off the most common remedies. This is not a very difficult task to do especially that nowadays you can just purchase a pipe sealant. Just make sure that you understand the instructions indicated in the solution to be able to seal it properly. In this manner, you will be able to restore the proper functioning of your entire water facility.


Insulation is another approach that keeps spigot and hose bibs free from freeze. Most of the time, insulation is used as a preventive measure, which means that this is commonly included during the installation of the water facility. If your spigot and hose bibs have gone leaking after getting frozen, you may want to include insulation as part of your repair work. When a pipe is insulated, it is less affected by the freezing temperature.


In the event that a pipe has resulted to damage by which sealing and insulation no longer applies as remedies, replacing these broken components would be the best solution. If you are going to do this, keep in mind that you should know what type and size of pipe you should purchase. You may pick some other brands which you think are better than the previous but you should know that the type should always match the rest of your facility. This way, you won’t have difficulty in putting parts together.


Call Me for Free Advice or to Come Out

Repairing a frozen spigot or hose bib in Utah’s winters can be tough and if you’re like me you like to do your own repairs. I get it. So I offer my advice free of charge because I know that someday you or someone you know will need a plumber and I’d like to be the plumber you call in Utah.

Call or Text me anytime 801-613-7379

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